Oil Tank Remediation

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Residential Removals



• Residential and commercial underground tank removals
• Above ground tank removals and installations
• Residential and commercial remediations
• Accommodating real estate closing dates and documentation
Tankworks is Connecticut’s only fuel tank contractor that deals exclusively with the removal and replacement of both underground and basement/above ground fuel storage tanks.
Gas Station |Tankworks Removal & Replacement LLC

Commercial tank removal |Tankworks Removal & Replacement LLC

Residential and Commercial Underground Removals

• Tank Sizes from 275 to 20,000 gallons
• Obtaining all necessary permits and inspections for each town
• Sludge removal and disposal
• Soil sampling and testing at an independent laboratory
• Backfill, topsoil, and necessary seeding
• Tank disposal at approved tank scrap yard facility
• Preparation of documentation package for record keeping purposes

Residential removal | Tankworks Removal & Replacement LLC

Above Ground Removals and Installation

• Removal and disposal of above ground storage tanks
• By using proper ventilation, little to no odor is left behind
• Installation of new above ground storage tanks in basements, garages, utility closets, and outside on concrete slab
• Obtaining necessary permit for each town
• Advising client on how to proceed with an inspection

Residential above groun tank |Tankworks Removal & Replacement LLC

Remediation of Contamination

• If tank is believed to have leaked, a standard soil sample is taken for lab confirmation
• Tank grave is lined with commercial grade plastic to mark bottom of tank
• Grave is backfilled for safety
• At time of remediation all contaminated soil is then excavated and properly disposed of
• On¬ site soil sampling prior to official lab testing guarantees all contamination is removed
• We handle every aspect of a remediation including D.E.E.P. and Town paperwork

Tank Corrosion | Tankworks Removal & Replacement LLC

Real Estate Closing Department

• All necessary paperwork
• Legal documentation
• Special emphasis on meeting closing date deadlines